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My moral philosophy will impact my future on a day-to-day basis. We are faced with decisions all the time and are living our ethical code with the actions we take. Should I buy that cup of coffee or give that money to the homeless man outside the Dunkin Donuts? Do I really need that coffee? 


I’m currently entering an accelerated graduate program in nursing. As a Nurse Practioner, I hope to help others in the best way possible. Each patient will have different needs and I hope I can develop a trusting relationship with them and align their medical treatment with their personal beliefs. After all, a patient is coming into a doctor's office to speak about health problems...how much more vulnerable can they be? It is imperative that the patient feels they can be honest and open with their health professional. 


A big part of my moral philosophy is the idea that there are no absolutes. There is no clear right or wrong in any situation. Using this grey area, I hope to find healthy solutions for my patients that make them feel comfortable. Just because I believe the patient should take a certain medication or change their lifestyle, does not mean it is necessarily right for them. The patient deserves to understand all of his/her options and then make a confident decision. I strongly believe the patient should agree with their medical treatment plan or it will not be successful. 


My family relationships also align with my moral philosophy. Family is a top priority in my life and it’s important to me to be close to them. I want to be involved in their lives and see them often. That being said, should I make decisions only based on their opinions? Of course not. Just because I respect my family does not mean I have to do everything to make them happy. We will disagree in the future just as we’ve disagreed in the past. It’s important for me to be able to be honest with my family and explain why I make certain decisions. It is important for me to understand their point of view and share mine. 


My politics reflect my ethics in that I support laws or policies that provide the individual with a choice. Again, I do not like absolutes and feel everyone deserves to think for themselves. I vote for policies that give the population the opportunity to look at two different sides of a situation and go from there. Even if I personally would choose one way, another individual may be happier with the opposite choice. The freedom of these choices is what makes our country so wonderful. 


I will try to look at each situation with an open mind. Instead of pushing my opinions on another individual, I will take into account what will be the most effective method to help someone. Medically, the patient needs to be involved and confident with the treatment method. Personally, I will try to look at cultural and social perspectives before making a decision and reflect on how this effects others. 

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