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The Right to One’s Body-Post 4


This post reflects my philosophy on ones’s  right to their own body and with proper education, their right to make decisions that effect their body. I believe your body is your own property and you have the right to make all choices that effect your body. 


I think if educated thoroughly about the process and risks of selling a kidney, one should have the right to do so. I think saving another person’s life is an honorable act. I agree that the person should be reimbursed in some way either with a monetary value or some sort of life insurance benefit.


I can imagine the willingness to sell a kidney has the potential to become out of control. The process would have to be incredibly selective and extensive to ensure each participant completely understands the ramifications of their decision.


If a person wants to sell their eggs or sperm I believe that is ok too. As long as this does not harm the donor or acceptor, I believe it is the right of the person to allocate their body. Prostitution however does harm the woman and can potentially harm the man (risk of STD, HIV, ext.). In my opinion, that is not morally correct. 

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.