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Money as a Pay Off-Post 3


This post reflects my opinion the value of a life and another example of unfair disadvantages towards low income populations. I believe each person should be given an equal access to opportunities and sadly finances play a huge role into gaining access to these opportunities. It is not morally just to use money as a way to lure low income populations into more dangerous professions. 



I believe paying someone to serve your military sentence is wrong. A person should not be paid to risk their life at war. The military has a very extensive selection process selecting strong individuals who have a good chance of survival in dangerous conditions. I do not think the system should be changed by paying another individual. If this were legalized, the military would be made up of lower income populations joining the military because they need money. This is different from joining the military to pay for school in that you are making your own decision to do so.


I also do not think another person should be paid to do a prison term. A person is sent to prison to serve out a punishment. Paying another individual to pay for that crime will not allow the individual to understand the results of their actions in the first place. Although prisons are not close to a perfect system, I do believe the time of reflection is important after committing an illegal act.


These two examples would only enforce hierarchy in our society. Although we do not have a pure military or prison system currently, adding money to the equation would only enhance the corruption and increase dominance for the wealthy.



DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.