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Changes and Growth-


This course has refined my moral philosophy dramatically. I have never experienced "debating" or had to necessarily express my morals in words.  This course has allowed me to think more deeply about my own morals and then be able to defend them in challenging hypothetical scenarios.


The discussions allowed me to reflect on my own thoughts and describe them in a valid argument. I loved the text, Justice, by Michael J. Sandel. Sandel described the basics of ethics in a way that is easy to understand. I also appreciated the examples offered and felt they really challenged my interpretation of the concepts. 


This is the first ethics class I have ever taken and I feel I received an introduction to a fascinating topic I fully intend to learn more about.  


The service project gave me the opportunity to express myself in an area I’m very passionate about and tackle a moral dilemma. I had to think creatively to come up with a sustainable solution to an issue and then formulate a game plan. I saw an issue I felt I could create a solution for. I hope that my service project has a sustainable impact on the students. 


I realize I could grow much more in this area. I'd like to have more conversations about my beliefs and take what I've learned from this course and use it in my everyday life. 


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.