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Group : Santander, TD, Capital One

Larry : Santander for all 3 scenarios

Steven : TD for all 3 scenarios

Woojn : Capital One for all 3 scenarios


Omar : Put together the research




Group : Citizens, East Cambridge, Chase

 Andrea: East Cambridge for all 3 scenarios

Nicole : Citizens for all 3 Bnaks

Jahara: The overall questions

Chris : Puting together presentations

Meklit : Chase for all 3 scenarios




Group : Bank of America, American Express, Suntrust

Saffiya: 1 scenario for Bank of america and Suntrust

Enemias : Suntrsut for 2 scenarios

Alex : American Express 1 scenario

William : Bank of America for 2 scenarios, presentation together

Kamai : the last 2 scenarios for American Express



Group 1: Metro Credit Union, East Boston,Citibank

 Lara : Metro for all 3 scenarios

Eric : East Boston for all 3 scenarios

Ariana : Metro for all 3 scenarios

Marck : Citibank for all 3 scenarios


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.